Space Pioneers LLC, Makes A Ripple in Time, Suing BBB Over Private Property Rights in Space BELLA VISTA, Ark., March 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Can you own a piece of the moon? The legal discussions and opinions have been gathering steam among some pretty prestigious institutions and the idea for such possibilities has gone from a laughing matter to the beginning of serious ground work. And the next shot is the real estate deal of the century has been made by the owners of Space Pioneers LLC a company located in (of all places) Northwest Arkansas, a hot spot of entrepreneurialism. Jeffrey Sablotne, principle owner of Space Pioneers LLC, passionately believes space travel and the technology to get there is one of the keys to moving mankind’s thinking forward into space. “It has been the key to so many of our technological advances that have improved our lives,” Jeffrey states on the company’s just another Word Press website, Jeffrey and his partners believe there is a way to move things forward in a unique, yet somewhat controversial way; Help fund private companies in the space industry through the sales of “Derivative Conveyance Deeds” for Lunar Real Estate. Sound crazy? Maybe not, once you’ve seen the 20 years of research Jeffrey and his partners have done and the “by the book” legal claims that are filed and recorded. Someone has to make the claim and let it become the instrument to move the discussion forward and we are the only ones that have done this within the existing legal framework in respect to the 1967 Multilateral Space Treaty, national and international law. We’ve done this by promoting and selling our “Derivative Conveyance Deeds” for lunar property on our website. In an effort to help inspire all of mankind to get involved in the private space program, you can claim a free acre on the moon at our website. However, someone took exception to this and posted on the web for all to see, that “Space Pioneers is a scam.” That someone was Janet Robb, the president of the Arkansas Chapter of the Better Business Bureau, who just previously had invited and approved Jeffrey’s company to join the BBB. “Their comments are made without understanding or thorough investigation and are injurious in nature to our company and our purpose,” states Jeffrey, “and we intend to get at the minimum, a retraction.” Jeffrey tried to contact Janet Robb several times to provide documents to clarify any misunderstandings for Space Pioneers business. She refused to meet with him or speak to him. In filing a defamation suit against the BBB, Space Pioneers freely provides all documentation to prove Space Pioneers business and claims are legitimate and in no way a scam. Quite the contrary, it is real company who has done the work in the area that is pushing the limits of our current thinking and technology. Space Pioneers LLC Sues Better Business Bureau over Property Rights in Space Contact for tv, newspapers, magazines and periodicals: Contact for radio: We will provide 2 notarized hand signed deeds ready for framing in return for live telephone interview with Jeffrey Sablotne owner/founder. Deed can be viewed at link below. Contact for public inquiries: Jeff’s abstract research and development paper can be viewed on our website. Legal packages will be available for reporters who attend the Press Conference. Photo opt and Q & A session after Press Conference. Press Conference – Â  March 08, 2012 at Village Insurance Community Room, Time 2:00PM   Â  2838 Bella Vista Way, Bella Vista, AR 72714 ph. 479.855.3076   For further information contact: