Space Pioneers “Make a Ripple in Time” –Substantiating Private Property Rights in Space are Intertwined with Human Rights

By Jeffrey Sablotne


This discourse will analyze that private property rights in space are intertwined with Human Rights. A global social movement is required to affect change. The multi-layered research will draw a comparison from the United States Civil Rights movement. This historically important case provides principal results in application. The civil rights movement transformed the expansion of voting rights, black politicians, and the desegregation of schools. Utilizing the comparison I will clarify the necessity for a global social movement to advance change to become a space faring society. Twenty years of study substantiates the space program is transitioning from a multi governmental exclusiveness to include a private sector effort. I implemented several research methods. The data was collected from newspapers, published reports, archives, personal studies, the 1967 Multi-lateral Space Treaty, and published governmental plans for space. Some elite people view governmental agencies, courts, and political parties as the agents driving institutional change. The fact is they reacted in response to pressure brought to the point of stress and urgency by the impact of the social movement. This discourse challenges the argument that the governments are implementing the correct approach for society to be involved in space. Historically society has relied on governmental agencies for change, when in fact a global social movement is the optimum approach to propel change. Challenging the governments with societal movements will establish the infrastructure and a never ending legacy necessary to establish the individual’s position in the private space program.


I  Introduction


“Space is a metaphor for the future”


In the English language ‘space” is no longer a common word of simple meanings. It has evolved with a terminology all of its own. The meaning of space’s evolution has included new technology, mainstream science, the future of exploration of space to far away  mysterious regions, and the awesome responsibilities associated with society colonizing space.


The exploration of space inherently became a necessity not a choice, which affects all of humankind’s survival including those who are completely unenlightened, by the infinite  new discoveries validated by humankind it’s self.


Early space law commentary only incidentally attempted a coherent doctrine of space law. The attorney’s true goal was to produce billable hours. Finally space law was viewed by the majority as a cultural work.


The resolve of humankind to evolve towards colonizing space had been truly underestimated. Space law has reached a point that humanistic views are a necessity for the further evolution of space law to continue. Private property rights in space will a be welcomed catalyze for real property while promoting Human Rights in a way historically never seen before with peace as its foundation. This global social movement will provide the impact necessary to affect change to space law for private property rights in space, and human rights.


Space exploration helped establish science, new technology, and new ways of thinking as normative and politically centered. Furthermore space exploration has opened a new geography, the geography of the future. The frontier of outer space has promoted the popular imagination on earth and a new force for the construction of the future.


The following issues are well founded and necessary to consider. The amount of natural resources we consume each year already out strips what the planet earth can sustain. By the year 2030 we will be consuming enough natural resources for two planets. The spin-off technology advances of the space program are not just coincidental benefits that could not have been achieved cheaper with direct research. The facts are the most intelligent people from the world working together have pushed the envelope for new technologies from all different sectors. The cooperation of man with man in the conquest of colonizing space is of great importance. Another issue to think about is the inspiration for humankind from a robotic arm is not equaled to the inspiration from a human exploring space. Highly degreed scientists in their field stated they calculated the land mass of the Moon minus areas sloped for craters is roughly 10 billion acres, now we will take into consideration the estimates of 6.7 billion people on earth aligns it self nicely with “ I want to claim my acre”.



II Research

In process of being completed