JEFFREY SABLOTNE                                                                                  PLAINTIFF
                                                                                                REQUEST TRIAL BY JURY
Comes now the plaintiff, that is disabled, with a fixed income and cannot retain an attorney. Now respectfully brings this libel complaint against the defendants. With all due respect state the following;
(1)  That the incident giving rise to the plaintiffs’ cause of action arises in Benton County, Arkansas within the last 27 months and is still continuing. The applicable statue of limitation for libel for Arkansas code is 3 years.
(2)  The plaintiff is a resident of Benton County, where his business attempted operation online out of his home since 2005.
(3)  The defendant is the Better Business Bureau of Arkansas, 15 Kanis Rd, Little Rock, Arkansas, with Janet Robb as president of the branch.
(4)  On Thursday 25, 2008, 3:37pm, I received an email from Donna Schonher of the BBB (att #1). The subject was stated as BBB accreditation for Space Pioneers LLC. It further stated the attachment contained all the information regarding accreditation of Space Pioneers into the BBB (att #2). The attachment stated membership is strictly by invitation only. It also stated that Space Pioneers would receive the logo and receive immediate verification that earned the right to display BBB Trustmark. Then the last sentence was welcoming Space Pioneers LLC onboard as a vital and valued member of the BBB. It would only cost $535.
(5)  The next thing was being on a fixed income I could not afford to pay the dues.
(6)  What happened next was unbelievable. Monday, July 20, 2009, 1:38pm, I received an email from Bill Millager, my SCORE counselor (att #3). First, it proved third party exposure. The note stated that this front page story didn’t look good, in fact the story does not appear to be factually correct. (att #4) The article for the BBB against Space Pioneers LLC.
(7)  Janet Robb stated she put $28 cash in an envelope addressed to Space Pioneers to purchase an acre on the moon. She also stated several items about the company. I took into consideration freedom of speech. Then when I reviewed it closely, I found Janet Robb had crossed the line. First, she said we had no government claim (att #5).When in fact we have a notarized filed and recorded claim since 1992. Second, she stated our company was a SCAM. In fact we are a 100% legal business because we utilize a Derivative Conveyance Deed. Derivative means derived from: in this case derived from our claim (and it is stated on the document).Conveyance means a document transferring ownership, in this case it is what is covered by the claim. In simple legal terms, if the claim becomes recognized, then your deed becomes recognized (att #5)(att #6). This is my abstract and research paper for private property rights in space and explains how Space Pioneers is a legal business.
(8)  Then unbelievably (att #8) the Readers Digest August 2011, with an article called Money Digest came to my attention. It states the bully tactics the BBB uses for memberships and it paralleled what happened to me.
(9)  Janet Robb said we never sent her a Deed. When in fact we did at no cost to her.
(10)                So in good faith I tried to make an appointment with her to help her with the misunderstanding and lack of research, which she refused several times to meet with me.
(11)                Janet Robb is in a position of public trust that was abused. In the public’s view she holds a position where she should know the truth. Instead she made false statements in a way that they would be thought to be true.
(12)                The statements were designed to be injurious and to keep 3rd party people from associating with us or doing business with us.
(13)                In the plaintiffs’ estimation she is wasting the courts time and your honor, and mine by not meeting with me.
(14)                We are asking for unspecified amount of damages at this point.
(15)                The plaintiff realizes that the court has no jurisdiction to rule on private property rights in space.
(16)                The plaintiff is praying for the decision that what we are doing is legal according to the law.
(17)                The plaintiff is praying for an immediate injunction to stop the current postings that are still plaguing our website.
(18)                The plaintiff prays for all relief due to us by the law and a formal retraction.
(19)                Whereas, the plaintiff prays for a judgment against the defendant for damages, costs, proper relief in carrying out this complaint of this action.
Respectfully submitted,
Jeffrey Brian Sablotne