Space Pioneers official government claim #92-0047584 was filed and notarized in the Marion County Recorders Office of  Indianapolis, Indiana, USA: April 21, 1992 at 1:17pm. This can be googled at

The claim is for individual ownership, of the moon, the planets and their natural satellites in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Individual deed holders will be recorded in block form of 1,000 as an attachment to the original claim.

Space Pioneers claim is for all of mankind and will be carried out for the benefit and in the interest of all countries.

All earthly exploration of outer space has unlimited landing and exploration rights without notice.

Nineteen years have passed since the original claim was filed.

August, 1997 the claim was announced worldwide through media coverage, while being worldwide on the internet.

The claim was transferred for one dollar and other considerations, with federal income tax paid on the transaction.

Real estate will be available to all individuals internationally and prohibit anti competitive behavior.

Space Pioneers is committed to maintaining international law, while promoting international cooperation in space.

Space Pioneers invites the supervision by government officials both nationally and internationally.

A portion of the income generated by Space Pioneers will provide the necessary funding for the space development fund.

The space development fund will provide low interest debt and equity, grants, privately for companies involved  in private human space flight.

The plat design is based on a monument identified landmark, north, south lines called principal meridians, and east, west lines called base lines. Then your lot is located by section, township, and range. Streets are located with every plot design including utility easements and building setbacks.

First comes our imaginations. It is written ‘The Universe is so immense it stretches your mind, your mind is so powerful it stretches the Universe’.

See the Moon in 3D Google

When a human being stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the law for others, or fights against injustices, a Ripple in time will be implemented.