You will receive via email a printable Derivative Conveyance Claim with your new lunar address, with date and time that you claimed.
You will become an attachment to the original claim.

* A street address is the simplest form of property description, but it is not specific enough for legal documents or transferring title (reselling, gifting and willing your lot).*

Your new life begins when you purchase your legal notarized deed and never ends.


You will receive by mail a high quality, two color, printed document that is hand signed and notarized. It looks awesome when framed. The name of the purchaser will appear on the deed as well as the recipient. You may want to personalize a Derivative Conveyance Deed for someone you love or admire.

1) You will become an attachment to Space Pioneers original claim.
2) Legally you must have a notarized and legal description to sell, gift or will your property.
3) You will receive a special email address so you can submit ideas and inspirational thoughts. These emails will be answered by Jeffrey Sablotne, owner/founder. Sablotne believes that everyday people will provide the solutions needed to move mankind forward.
4) 25% of the net profit will be used for the Space Pioneer Development Fund. This will be a revolving fund for the private space industry. The main goal is to lower the cost of the private space industry so more people get the chance to adventure into space. Also, you are assisting in funding your way to your property.
5) Via email you will receive a printable Space Pioneers membership card that recognizes your support of the private space industry and you are an owner of real estate on other planets.
6) You will benefit from amenity package of real and virtual activities that will be developed and are limitless as space itself.
7) Remember every $1 invested in the space program has returned $22 to the economy in the form of new technology and therefore creating jobs.

You will receive by mail a legal description info package explaining how to locate your property and basic concepts of land planning. Also, you will receive a plot plan and legal description that can be framed and displayed beside your framed deed.

* A legal description is a specific and unique identification of a parcel of real estate that is recognized and acceptable legal documents and essential for transactions.*

* A plot plan with a complete property description is important and necessary to the owner for establishment of boundaries, calculation of area, noting location relative to other properties. It also shows existing buildings, or proposed construction projects. It also establishes building setback lines, utility easements and entered into public records.*

The benefits are the same as the Derivative Conveyance Deed.