In 1992 I filed a claim for the Planets and Moons in the Milky Way Galaxy for everyone on the planet earth. The claim was filed and notarized in the Indianapolis, Indiana Recorder’s office. I have spent the last 20 years of my life protecting and perfecting private property rights in space according to international law while abiding by the space treaties. Space must be the benefit of all humankind. Private property rights in space must be granted to ensure the proper, optimum, and unhindered use and utilization of the immense resources in space. Currently we have individuals from 52 countries involved. We have accomplished this with myself, my wife and a few volunteers. As Space Pioneers has gained more public interest, it will require more funding for hardware, software and the first virtual reality space game. The profits minus normal operating expenses will go to help fund the private space industry. If you would like to sponsor us with a donation, we will list you or your company on our website sponsor page. Please utilize the Paypal button for a secure transaction. Looking forward to your help…..thanks jeffrey sablotne….you can call me at 479.268.4909…..or use our e-mail on our website….thanks again