Today, people lead such hectic lives they sometimes miss the opportunity to actually be part of the triumphs of mankind. A good example is Columbus. It wasn’t Columbus alone making his voyage into history. It was the workers who built the ship, sewed the sails, gathered food, supplies, ammunition, medicine, etc… It also took the peoples taxes and donations, and of course the King.

Space Pioneers is a company with a vision of everyday people vacationing, working and living in space. Space Pioneers will utilize the use of property rights as an incentive to motivate private individuals to do things of great value for all mankind. Great things start with small beginings. Space Pioneers success will be driven, not by one man’s dream, it will take an all out effort of the human race pulling together to secure our place in history. Make a Ripple in Time, Become a Space Pioneer. Space Pioneers intends to focus mankind on opening space for colonization, tourism, and commercialization of private Human Space Flight. (Reusable Launch Vehicles) (RLVs). As these concepts gain focus within the mass public, the issues will be resolved, their dreams and desires to be involved will be fulfilled by Space Pioneers.

Nasa Image of the full moon

Space Pioneers is dedicated to enabling every man, woman and child in the world to directly participate in the private space program.

Space Pioneers believe that the most valuable asset in the space program is the real estate itself on the moon and the planets of our solar system.

Space Pioneers main objective is to open space as a competitive, free real estate market.

A portion of the income generated by Space Pioneers will provide the necessary funding for a space development fund.

Space Pioneers core thinking is that new technologies developed for space have dramatically improved life for all of mankind.

Space for the future pioneers.