Space Pioneers make a ripple in time, claim your free acre on the Moon or Mars.

If everyone can dream it, together we can do it. based from a Walt Disney quote.

There is magic in believing and there is pride in simple ownership of land on the moon and planets of our solar system. We believe the 21st century will be the age of maturing. A time to plan. A time to generate a vision of mankind free from the forces of time and place. A time to generate the wisdom and the courage to turn away from the past by controlling our future. We shall have our place on the planets, our staging area in the valleys, on the plains and yes the mountain tops ready to plan beyond our solar system our future among the stars.

Welcome to Space Pioneers which will serve as the Universal Recorders Office to space and a pioneer to the eternal possibilities of humankind.

Space Pioneers is establishing private property rights to the moon and planets of our solar system. Space Pioneers is utilizing from the official, recorded, and notarized government claim.

The first acre may be claimed for free : you will receive via e-mail a printable Derivative Conveyance Claim that conveys ownership to a one acre building lot on the moon with your new lunar address.
Price $0.00 U.S. includes recording.

The Derivative Conveyance Deed : conveys ownership to your property on the moon and is a high quality, two color, printed document that is hand signed and notarized, perfect for framing. The name of the purchaser will appear on the deed as well as the recipient.
Price $19.95 U.S. plus $6.00 recording, shipping, handling and tracking for U.S, $15.00 recording, shipping, handling and tracking for International.

The Legal Description/Plot Plan to frame with your Deed. Also included, are several pages utilizing a monument identified landmark, section, township, and range for locating your property on the moon. Each plot plan has identified building set backs, utility easements, and streets drawn.
Price $23.95 U.S. plus $6.00 recording, shipping, handling and tracking for U.S., $15.00 recording, shipping, handling and tracking for International.

Special locations and restrictions will be assessed on an individual basis by contacting Space Pioneers. Shipping costs are subject to change.

Space \’spes\ N:
The limitless area in which all things exist and move.

Pi-o-neer \pi’-e-‘nir\ N:
One that originates or helps open up a new line of thought or activity, 2 to open for others to follow; esp: to settle new territories.

When will humankind take into consideration the infinity of the universe and the finite that we are all from earth, then act accordingly? Jeffrey Sablotne

Space is for everybody; it’s not for the few people in science, math, or a select group of astronauts. That is our new frontier out there and it’s for everybody. These immortal words spoken by: Christa McAuliffe, Teacher, Astronaut on the ill-fated Challenger Space Shuttle.

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Forty-Four Years Ago Today: Apollo 14 Touches Down on the Moon

On Feb. 5. 1971, the Apollo 14 crew module landed on the moon. The crew members were Captain Alan Bartlett Shepard, Jr. (USN), commander; Major Stuart Allen Roosa (USAF), command module pilot; and Commander Edgar Dean Mitchell (USN), lunar module pilot. In this photo, Shepard stands by the Modular Equipment Transporter.

The Moon Is the gateway to the Universe.

Secure your place in the future claim your land in space, become a Space Pioneer.

The most potentially valuable asset in space is the land itself as real estate.

There will be only one generation to be the first to open space for humankind.
Never, Never, Never give up. Winston Churchill